Bainbridge Island Mtn Biking Club

Thank you Eleven Winery for setting up the April 7, 2019, Funday Fundraiser for the Gear Grinders and the Bainbridge Island Mountain Biking Club!  

The Bainbridge Island Mountain Biking Club was formed to support mountain biking on Bainbridge Island.  One of our primary missions is to raise funds and support the Gear Grinders middle school and high school mountain biking teams.   These teams are not official school-sponsored sports and our funding for coach training, rider development, transportation, equipment, and other supplies comes from membership fees and donations. The current activities of the Club are fund raising for the middle school teams.  

The Bainbridge Island Mountain Biking Club is recognized as a non-profit organization per IRC Section 501(c)(3).  Our tax identification number is 47-2347713.  The Club Board members include John Benjes, Gordon Black, Evan St Clair, Pieter Mulier, Scott Westerhout and Scott Lindquist.  Please contact the Club at if you want have more information.  Our By-laws are at BIMBC By-laws.

  If you want to donate to the Club please visit Pay Pal at the link below.