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 List of Gear Grinders volunteer opportunities.  

Volunteering FAQs

I’m an experienced mountain biker but I can’t come to every ride – can I still help? 

  • Absolutely. While we need a few adults to make a regular commitment there is still a place for those adults whose family and work pressures limit their time. It’s fun riding with the students and with differing abilities on the team rides, we can always use additional help. If you make an occasional commitment, say, once a month, that allows us to schedule you into the ride support calendar.

I’m a competent rider but not very fast – would I be of use? 

  • Certainly. We have beginners as well as more experienced youth athletes and a number of our adult volunteers have gained riding skills along with the students. We are particularly interested in hearing from women riders to provide a better gender balance in our ride leaders and assistants.

 How do I become an official ride leader?

  • The Washington Student League has some specific requirements after you have completed the mandatory background check. These include obtaining or holding First Aid certification and completion of ride hours as an assistant. for more details. Adult ride volunteers need only complete a background check to get started.

I have a  student on the team – will that be weird having mom or dad along?

  • No, not at all. We have parents riding with the team regularly. And what other sport do you get a chance to practice with your son or daughter? Of course, you still have to compete the adult volunteer paperwork to ride with the team, even if your child is on it.

Is there a cost to being a volunteer?

  • To work directly with the students, all adults must undergo a background check, which costs $30 and can be completed online.  W

I’m not available to ride with the team but I’m reliable and have other skills – could you make use of me?

  • Yes, of course. We’re a newish organization in the process of incorporating. We need a host of talented people. Let us know what you can offer – we’re always looking for enthusiastic people to help out. 

I love what you are doing to get kids active – can I make a tax-deductible donation?

  • The Bainbridge Island Mountain Biking Club is a IRS 501(c) 3 organization taht handles fundraising.  Go to their page on this site to make a contribution. 

I want to volunteer – how do I get started?



All student riders will need to:

Register their interest with either the middle school or high school team head coach and then:

1.) register with the Washington Student Cycling League at
Register for either the Bainbridge HS team or Bainbridge MS team. The program fee for students is $195 (includes insurance and race fees).  

2.) Pay the team dues for students of $100 (includes spinning classes in January and a jersey every 2 years).   We prefer you pay the team fee through Pay Pal

We strive through fundraising to make our program accessible to any interested students. 
Please contact a coach if the fees are a barrier to participation.